Spring Newsletter 2017

Tax Controversy partner Kat Gregor was featured in a special report on litigation and alternative dispute resolution published by Financier Worldwide in November.

In a Q&A on resolving tax disputes, Kat discusses the current tax regulatory environment, including a reallocation of resources by the Internal Revenue Service that has resulted in increased scrutiny of

The Potential Threat

Class-action lawyers have set their sights on retirement savings plans offered by colleges and universities, focusing on “jumbo” plans, often with assets of more than $1 billion (though that amount may decline as the pickings become slimmer). These lawsuits are founded in claims of ERISA breaches of fiduciary duty. Colleges and universities need to understand these claims, and know what they need to do to prepare.
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In August 2016, Ropes & Gray LLP published an article commenting on IRS’s practice in seeking increasing amounts of discovery during the examination process, where IRS benefits from substantially looser enforcement standards than those available under the Federal and Tax Court Rules.
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A hotly contested appeal regarding the IRS’s authority to promulgate regulations is underway in the Ninth Circuit. Last year, in Altera Corp. & Subsidiaries v. Comm’r, the Tax Court entered a unanimous reviewed decision invaliding, under Administrative Procedure Act (APA), a 2003 IRS transfer pricing rule limiting the availability of a safe harbor under Section 482.  145 T.C. 91 (2015). 
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